Content Is King-Tips to Improve

A common mantra in the world of SEO is that “content is king.” Many argue that content marketing is a completely separate facet than search engine optimization. We would argue that you can’t really have one without the other when it comes to successfully gaining exposure for your website. For the most part, you will be creating your own content when you start out. This is not everyone’s forte, but we have some tips that can help. Lets get into it.

The Basics and Fundamentals

Writing is an excellent art and not everyone can become a writer in an overnight. This is because it involves a lot of things making a person to enhance his or her skills. Anyone who is new to writing should follow certain steps for becoming a professional quickly. It is an important one to know more about the writing process properly for creating impacts on readers.

Before start writing, a person should know the purpose and objectives properly which help a lot to accomplish goals significantly. Another thing is that he or she must prepare an outline while writing which includes introduction, body, paragraphs, headings, sub-headings, and conclusion.

It is advisable to note down the important points required in writing process. People should read the great works done by popular authors which can ultimately help to get ideas as soon as possible. In fact, it makes feasible ways for writing a topic in an order. Apart from that, one can even learn more about the writing format briefly which can help to increase his or her abilities to a large extent.

Working as an Intern

Those who are in the beginning stage of their writing should work as an intern in a company which ultimately gives ways for upgrading the abilities. There are many organizations which offer internship opportunities to young graduates allowing them to excel in writing process. In fact, it paves ways for working with expert writers to gain more knowledge. Working as an internship writer will help to get stipends after joining in an organization.

Several institutes offer certification and degree courses in journalism making the students to increase their abilities effectively.

Finding the Most Interesting Topics

It is important to choose the most interesting topics during the writing process. A writer should consider three stages while determining a topic. Some of them include finding a niche, doing online research, reviewing, and refining.


A niche is an area where a writer has a special knowledge about an industry or topic. Many examples of this type of targeting of content can be found all across the web. There are a lot of blogs that stick to very specific niches and develop an audience and unique perspective. Hookup Dating Reviews is an example of a great adult dating review site that serves as a perfect example. Their niche is all about casual dating and their content reflects a unique perspective on all topics withing that niche. In other words, the writers will tell a story with unique and innovative ideas for producing better impressions on readers. A person should have a passion for writing at the time of selecting a topic.

Moreover, it is advisable for him or her to seek tips from authors and friends after picking up a topic. A beginner writer should read a lot of books, newspapers, magazines, and other journals for extracting the ideas with ease.

Doing Online Research

The internet today is filled up with a lot of information that provides methods for researching topics according to needs. A wide range of tools are available for the beginners allowing them to write an interesting topic. Apart from that, one can even search books which cover ideas on trending topics and other things. If you have developed an audience for your content you can simply ask them directly what type of content they are interested in. Create a questionnaire that ascertains information about interests of your visitors. If there are specific keywords that you are interested in targeting have a good look at the other types of content that rank well for those given queries.

The Process

Reviewing and Refining

A writer should know what he or she wants to share with people during the writing process. This will help a lot to resolve the issues and other problems effectively. It is always important to look back at your writing and assess whether it is a strong execution of what you are trying to get across to readers.

Taking a Break

One should take a break from writing for relaxing the mind effectively. Moreover, it makes feasible ways for gathering more ideas to make changes in a writing process. The writers can even enhance their moods after taking a break from writing.

Practice Makes Perfect

Writing requires more practice and dedication making a writer to create a topic with unique ideas and approaches. A writer should practice writing on various topics enabling him or her to gain more advantages.

Writing Style

Every writer should give importance to his or her writing style in order to make influences on the readers.

Proof Reading

Proof reading is the most important step in writing and a writer should correct the mistakes and errors with special attention. The proof readers will work closely with authors to fix the problems with high accuracy.

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Google And Your Best SEO Practices

Google as we all know has become a phenomenon in the virtual world and there is hardly any place it has left out of its growing influence. Even the offline world too has more or less fallen in tune with the online world and this has been possible because of the ever changing algorithms of the powerful search engines. Through many twists and adjustments the like of Google has now become an AI entity all by itself. Naturally, the best only survive in this cool yet steady virtual world and therefore for 2018 you ought to have a fair idea as to how a Google search engine or for that matter any search engines sends out its spiders to crawl through its dexterously woven web.

Earlier, things were easier and a lot of guys like you and I could have waded through the web with greater alacrity and speed . All you did then was trick the search engines with some clever content and make sure that your website page number ranked best. However, that has changed significantly so that only the fittest survived while the rest are just booted out.

As things stand the aim of all these smart intelligence is to have only those contents that are meant for its searchers and nothing whatsoever that are imitative in style, language or simple jargon of key words to get noticed would do. That the content is king has been re-enforced in all too apparent uncompromising way and only ones that knows how to play by the rules of the search engines remain, and the best at the top page rankings.

Get To Know RankBrain

For those entering the year 2018 on a positive note it would do well if they get some idea about the RankBrain system of the Google. It is a unique system evolved after a lot of course correction by Google so as to not only checkmate those that are fraudsters who were trying to outsmart it, while bringing under its sharp notice those that were genuine.

The RankBrain algorithm clearly establishes Google’s supremacy as it helps in sorting out the search results and assigning them according to the merits of the inputs each has over those of others. Unlike earlier versions, the RankBrain now gets into the act of identifying user’s actual staying time over the pages than simple clicking away without as much as even a glance. Of course, the person browsing may simply leave the page at her will and fancy yet Google only notices those that have stayed on a page for quite a long time.

This means that RankBrain easily sorts out those where clients have glued over the contents for longer periods and therefore give them top page rankings. Surely, this also means the number of people who have browsed your content too. The more people visit your page the merrier would be your ranking.

It is thus very important that the site’s content should not just be superior, but they must be a comprehensive and informative text. Therefore longer contents stretching out for not less than 2000 words and having done in-depth study on topics ranks the best in search engines like Google.

Get To Know Search Engine Likes And Dislikes

Another way of doing more so that powerful search engines like Google would instantly notice your site is to have a comprehensive site. Your site shouldn’t let go of anything where some great improvements may do wonders. Hence, with in –depth content you need to have a Title tag, URL, description tag and so on. You then add LSI keywords which in essence means that you need to have words and phrases that resonate brilliantly with the text or the content.

The next best thing that you may do to connect better with the most scrutinizing algorithms is to make your site mobile friendly. Studies have revealed that currently 60% and above people browse Internet through their smart phones. This means more visitors would like to browse a mobile friendly site than anything else. Some companies that I have done work for have noticed that on given months up to 90% of their visits come from people accessing their sites through a mobile device. Dating websites and adult dating apps. If someone is looking for a sexfinder, more than likely they are on a mobile device. So that type of site needs to be strongly geared to optimizing for mobile use visually and functionally. When you look at larger very popular dating websites you see a strong push towards mobile optimization. Other companies are following the same path and are great examples to model your own strategies after. You may not forget to add videos by making full use of YouTube as the latter has also grown phenomenally.

Your website has to be well designed and this ought to be among the top priorities and while adding content you make sure that you also add a few video shots so as to enhance its search attractiveness. Besides, publish some unique data to give it better authentication for your content and thereby improving the overall performance of your website. Also make sure that your site is easily identifiable through voice search.

Last but not the least is to give viewers a fair chance of making comments on your site. This can greatly add to your website prestige so that search engines in the year 2018 wouldn’t hesitate to give your website top ranking in its niche area.

high authority links

What are High Domain Authority Links?

It is certain that websites need good publicity and in the virtual world of Internet getting best page ranking results are what most sites are looking for. If a site has a low ranking then it means that seldom visitors browse over it with the same eagerness as the high ranked ones. This, needless to say, would have telling affect on the marketing plans of the site that has low ranking. It is therefore almost a necessity for sites to rank well enough so that more visitors would browse over them and eventually convert into customers.

But what exactly is high domain authority? Domain authority refers to search engine ranking given by a well established authority link. The pages they rank are given in the order of their priorities from the visitor’s point of view. This then is analyzed by these authority sites with regard to multiple factors and then they eventually give a score on the basis of their rank they get on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

The website authority which has been developed by MOZ has done in-depth analysis of Google’s own interpretation techniques with the use of its changing all powerful algorithms. Presently, the MOZ score has been found to be the bench mark of a site’s importance in its own niche territory in the virtual world and any good score means huge advantage for the site as well as its revenue earning potential.

Is DA the Most Important Metric?

When it comes to page ranking a site cannot compromise on being in very low position. A site that has by virtue of its excellent content may easily scale up when it gets noticed by top authority links. For instance, links like Huffington, and many others. A back link from any of these sites may result in wonders to your site as your website then becomes authentic and trustworthy.

However, if you have a clear strategy planned then you have more than half won the battle for the Google’s search engine would easily boost up your rankings. In case you need authority links like above then you need to concentrate only a few such links rather than spreading out to woo a whole lot of them at once. This would eventually become tiresome giving you less ranking than you had aimed for. You may carefully research as to which sites in your own particular area has the top rankings in Google.

You will get to know the scores by going into MOZ Open Site Explorer and the strategies they are following to keep them high on ranking lists. You may then bring out your own strategies like redesigning your website, publishing unique and brilliant content and last but not the least is fixing broken links. The latter is an important part of the whole exercise as broken links may mean badly managed site.


Is Google Game in this Makeover?

It has been studied that Google and other powerful search engines rely on one or other metrics to make a pitch for good sites so that they rank way above the average. A great deal of efforts on making sites authentic rests on the beliefs that Google too may be carrying out such a course of action stealthily and secretively. However, this may not be the case as many groups suggests that Google with its more powerful algorithms has other tools at its disposals to spot out the truly greats among the sites.

Adding to further confusion is Google stepping out and declaring quite emphatically that it never uses such methods for ranking sites on top spots. It is true that high domain authority links do have their merits yet if Google were to be believed then there is more to it than simply looking at sites with authority links.

Does it mean that Google has developed its own level of AI to be able to perceive and analyze the whole of website content with the eye of details that match the power of human mind? One doesn’t know for these search engines are surely tightlipped about that.

However, one factor is quite apparent here and that is a great content does bring in greater ranking than a low quality one. Again, it has also been seen the newly developed algorithms have brought out even earlier less noticed sites from the lower rungs to high ranking position based on the site’s relevance to the searchers.

From the above it is now apparent that using high domain authority links and back links may sound all right, but the best way is to produce great content and stay relevant to the browsers thick and thin at all time in order to get continued top page ranking. In short, to remain trustworthy to your visitors your site should exhibit all that is inherent in developing and continuing that trust. Otherwise, your website would be booted out by the search engines.

build audience on website

How to Build an Audience for your Site?

If you have a website then you must have an audience. It is that simple yet not so if you start building your own audience right from scratch. A site has to have visitors so that it is relevant to the search engines and if it isn’t so then soon it would find itself send to oblivion with no further success or revenue yielding capacity. Such is the ways of the tough virtual world of today. However, if you were to stick on for long then you do get good income from the site that you have planned or wish to launch sometime soon.

Yes, it is really hard to make success online although not quite difficult either if you have taken the right steps and your success comes with the audience power. A website, in other words, is good so long as it is attractive to your visitors and you have a close knit audience viewing it on a continuous basis.

How to create your Site’s Audience?

You may either start off with a professional looking website for your own niche products or services or you may start blogging as both are quite great ways to attract audience. If you have a website then your audiences are the potential customers who have the desire to either purchase your products or your services. Website is essentially designed for the purpose of making the most of the visitors that come browsing to it and in the process some may be converted into actual client.

In the case of blogs you first of all launch a promotional platform for your products and services personally with the help of WordPress,, and and so on. Whatever may be your style you must always have a niche area where you are likely to achieve success. If you are doing a lot of things at once then there is a fair chance that you will fail in your endeavor.

The next thing you ought to do is to create great content. Any awesome content is at once inspiring and if you have the ability to churn out few contents at a steady rate then your visitors would become your fast followers. Your site would easily get quality clients who would be then slowly convert into hard core followers. But this by itself is not quite sufficient in the online world that is beset with competition.

Follow a Time Tested Strategy

You must now make sure that your core audience sticks with you and for this you must have a good professional looking website that is very much interactive. Your audience would undoubtedly love your quality stories that you churn out periodically, yet they would also love to give their own comments too. Hence, make sure that your websites have the required widgets and boxes for visitors to put in their advices and suggestions.

This would get you more visitors and eventually you may even create a Facebook group or Twitter group and in the not too distant future you can build a whole community.

Your constant churning of content may become a little routine if you do not engage your readers with more stories that are unique and particular to your site or blog. Again, with the growth of audience you may also make use of Affiliate Marketing for more revenues despite the fact that you are already earning passive money from Adsense and such other platforms.

For further increasing your revenue potential of your blog or site you may start off with webinars and event management. This would again bring in more hard and fast followers to your site. If you still feel that the size of your audience is way too little before you pitch in with webinars then you may try to analyze your existing audience a little deeply. You may therefore start of email campaigning in a very effective way to increase the population of your core group.

Email campaign has always proved to be more powerful when all other plans of audience build up hardly increases up to the mark. If you know the purpose of your site and its niche area well enough the email campaign can be front runner in creating better traffic to your blog or website.

Create an even more exciting website with the help of YouTube as this would make your audience feel great to visit your site. You may also introduce courses, books, sell your services with the help of videos and great content as well as email marketing. If you have physical products to sell then you may create your site as a platform for e-commerce stores.

Lastly, for your audience to stick on with your site you must necessitate changes in the site now and then to make it fun and exciting without too much of stereotyping. This would give your audience enough reasons for repeat visits.