Have you noticed that there are only very few Expired Domains that you are able to find yourself? Their mostly spammy. DomainAuthorityLinks - provides High Authority Expired Domains for your Private Blog Network (PBN) with a TF=>10 and CF/TF ratio lower than 1.8!

by vigorously checking with the industries best tools and a trained eye

Understanding and monitoring the authority criteria and metrics of expired domains has become more and more important over the years and is something that is needed to find authority domains for building a high authority Private Blog Network (PBN) for our clients

and are far less likely to get you penalized when conducted properly.

A PBN is powerful because you control the content and you control the links and especially the anchor text within the domain. This means that you can create and / or alter the content so it relates specifically to your niche.

for building a quality and authority Private Blog Network

The most important reason an expired domain has high quality link juice is the backlink profile. The backlink profile is the general make up of the backlinks to a domain. And here, we are experts with 10 years experience to finding your expired domains with a high link juice.


Domainauthoritylinks.com have scoured the web with our custom in-house software running on virtual servers 24/7 to bring you the best High Domain Authority and Page Authority expired domains with links from some of the most authoritative sites online.


With the way SEO is moving in current times PR is no longer an ideal indicator to the value passed when linking to a website, the reason PR has failed to represent the true domain value is due to being rarely updated by Google.


For this reason there are many other metrics from 3rd party services such as Moz.com, Ahrefs.com and Majesticseo.com to name but a few that are becoming the market leaders to determine a domains true authority.


If your wanting to acquire domains which are ideal and perfectly safe for use in your Private Blog Network (PBN) as 1st Tier or for 301 redirects you have come to the right location.

How it works:

We have done all the leg work to find the highest quality authority domains for you, all sites are ready to be registered once we provide the domain information from whichever registrar you choose. We offer domains with Moz.com Page Authority from 20 to 40+ with really competitive prices, none of these domains have ever gone into auction and have high-quality metrics that can rarely be found unless you have spent countless hours researching. This means you can't nor could you ever have found these domains using expireddomains.net and other such services. Don't get us wrong those services have their place in the market but generally speaking our domains are far superior with mostly authoritative links pointing at them from highly respected sources.

To get started simply visit our BUY AUTHORITY DOMAINS page where you can filter our domains by domain extension including .com .org .net .co.uk .org.uk and many foreign top level domain extensions (ideal for those wanting to target specific territories). In addition we have included the main niche if you are looking to find niche oriented expired domains.

Our expired domains service offers:

✓ The bulk source of the links will come from highly authoritative domains
✓ Good anchor text ratio  (not spammed by previous SEO's)
✓ Previous archives for the domains have been checked to ensure site quality.
 Most domains have links from either wikipedia, or other similarly authoritative domains such as universities.
✓ Links created by the sites authors on quality pages, NOT spammy link comments, footer links or blogroll.
✓ Links that have been in place for years, their not going anywhere and have stood the test of time.
✓ We know these domains work as we have used similar for our own highly successful private blog networks.

Still not sure what all this means?

Generally speaking you will be saving on all the grunt work and knowledge required to find truly high authoritative domains that won't get you penalized, without the correct know how many expired domains that can be found on 3rd party services can prove to be complete rubbish and frankly dangerous. Although the indicators used by Moz.com and many other services are a very good to decipher the value of a domain on the outside they don't necessarily take all circumstances into account. For more info head over to our PBN F&Q PAGE.

Purchase process: Head over to the ORDER PAGE and find a domain you want to purchase. Click on the link "/pay-50$" of the domain, which will open the BuyNow page, where you can submit the #??? four digit reference number for the respective domain upon pressing the BuyNow button to process the one off payment via PayPal.

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