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PBN related questions:
private blog network

What is a PBN?

PBN is the abbreviation used for a Private Blog Network. PBN’s are becoming the ideal solution for long term SEO rankings and are far less likely to get you penalized when conducted properly. The above example is the bare bone basics of a Private Blog Network setup, typically you have a variable number of PBN’s dependent on how competitive the keyword phrases are you wish to rank for.

How to set up a succesful PBN?

There are many variations on how people use a PBN but the method we personally use that has stood the test of time is to action the following:

* Register the domains within your PBN each with different whois information (name/ address etc).

* Host the domains on different hosts, you can get hosting from as little as $1 per month by searching “$1 hosting” via Google.

* Install WordPress or similar content management system with varied themes for uniqueness.

* Add relevant titles/ descriptions to your pages with unique content around the subject that you would like to rank for.

* Place a anchor text link within the content of your website for the phrase you wish to rank for.

* Add additional tier 2 and 3 links to your PBN’s and it’s backlinks to boost the value with programs such as Senuke XCR, GSA and Scrapebox etc

That’s the bare bone basics of how to setup a PBN, if you become one of our customers we will happily provide further scenario’s and examples upon request.

How to cover footsteps as best as possible to ensure the longevity of your PBN?

Use different templates / themes on each site.

Use different hosts on each site (not seo host)

Use different content management systems (not essential but can aid to cover footprints).

Make your site look as real as possible, take into consideration the domain name and try to make a spin on the name as best as you can to lend to the niche you will be promoting.

Add logo’s and header graphics, images and video within content without excessively over optimizing content.

The homepage article used to link out to your money site should be informative and on subject, ideally the content will be unique and fully legible. Use super spun content on internal pages if you wish to grow the site over time (not essential).

Add about us, contact us, disclaimers, privacy policies etc, mix it up with aim to look realistic and diverse, plugins alike wp fresh start can make some parts of this process faster

How to grow and protect your PBN?

As expired domains are new google will start looking at existing links pointing to your site and often the site will start to rank for domain related terms / brand terms relatively fast.

* We aim to use mainly sites with great anchor text diversity based around the url / brand… in effect this has pre-pillowed the site for other anchor text you may wish to build around your niche. To give google a nudge to start rediscovering your links build some tier 2’s to the existing authoritative links using GSA, Senuke XCR or fiverr etc…

Protect your PBN from Google and competition, use spyderspanker.

Keep your PBN’s link juice by using Juice-keeper Plugin which redirects internal page links back to your homepage.

Build links directly to your PBN, we personally do this on variable scales using different methods to avoid footprints.

Generally we will use various fiverr gigs such as private blog networks, guest blog posting, wiki and edu, social bookmarking. We will not do it excessively though and tend to target longtail keywords around the niche subject that we wish to rank for. If using private blog network or guest posts via fiverr ask for the domains urls in advance and check for quality.

If your intending to build a larger network and have the budget in place consider FCS Networker to aid in the management –

Take control of your link building by investing in a VPS (virtual private server) with inbuilt SEO packages, we personally use: and highly recommend their service.

DIVERSITY in all steps for each site of the PBN is the KEY!

Treat your PBN that way and with the biggest respect which you owe your customer or your own money sites.

Building PBN’s is not the quick way of making them rank something but the long and standing effect we need for have a succesful and good ranking.

The way we do it in our PBN:

Our expired domains are never from auctions and were never used in SEO or were never on auctions, they were purely owned by a company or another owner with natural link structure. They let it go than sometimes just cause their were not used anymore.

Let’s take an 6 years old expired domain about dog training that was de-indexed by Google as there was no content.

We find these old expired domain and set it up on pets training with beautiful content and images and let it stay like this for a while (weeks) until it gets re-indexed and stays in Google for 2-4 weeks.

We pillow our keyword phrases as follows:

Who is the best dog trainer? What is the best puppy training method? Where to locate a dog trainer? When to teach a dog commands? Why is canine training important?

We call these who, what, where, when, why style anchors, they may have little or no search volume so it breaks up the appearance of wanting to rank for just “money keywords,” although there are many great synonyms in the above scenario’s that you could rank for.

You will notice the usage of “puppy”, “trainer,” “training,” “teach,” “commands,” “canine” which are all good synonyms for dog training.

Note: you don’t necessarily need to use a ? each time, google is well aware it’s a question and it’s usage is not a necessity… mix and match, the whole point here is to look highly relevant to the subject and allow pillowing for direct money keywords.

The hummingbird update is behind the “use question and answer oriented longtail keywords” since it helps the spiders see relevance to the query when some types in a question. They expect an answer.

We don’t do anything else on this site and DON’T link anywhere than to authority sites like wiki. We start linking to my PBN site like described in the last post. We than insert one article about “How to train for shaping your body” and describe some of training procedures to achive nice body shaping. We still don’t link to our money site and let it stay for another 2-3 weeks, adding weekly an article about the new topic of the site “Body shaping and body sculpturing”. We add more sites that were treated the same way and if nothing happens after few weeks we start linking to only ONE money site from our PBN about “Body shaping and body sculpturing”. The links go every 2-3 days from one of the PBN sites.

Than we continue that process and get our client’s or our money site ranking and don’t stop our measures when it’s ranking but still continue the above procedures.

It take maximal efforts, but this is what we are to do: a maximal quality process for maximal success for our PBNs.

Why choose for your PBN?

We are a team of experienced SEO’s who have played Google at it’s own game and won for a combined value of over 25 years. In this world knowledge is power and we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and know how to get top rankings for ourselves and our clients who choose to use our PBN domains.

There are many variables to take into consideration when choosing an expired domain for your network, in addition to this there are many very basic and disappointing tutorials out there demonstrating how to choose your domains. Quite frankly they all seem to follow the same “cookie cutter” principal of visiting and search by PR or links etc, then check those metrics further on, or Now you may feel that is perfectly fine and works efficiently but there are many negatives that an inexperienced or even experienced eye may overlook that can get your website penalized.

From our experience when sifting through these expired domains sites your competing with several thousand other people to pip them to the post of finding the real gems, in most cases there are far more advanced users who time and time again get the best domains leaving the weakest available for the remainder of people.

We have seen it time and time again on the forums that someone bought a domain for their PBN that later got them penalized due to having a poor backlink profile. You may think if you follow the metrics of such sites as MOZ or Majestic that you will be perfectly safe from penalty but this is far from the truth, allot of the time a sites metrics will appear high on MOZ in particular if a website has been previously spammed and those metrics will remain after the website has been penalized.

Overall our service takes out all the if’s and but’s that could get your website penalized provided you setup your netowork correctly, basically the better the quality and more diverse you are with footprints the less likely you are to be caught out.

When using our domains you can rest assured your getting the best quality, the bulk of the domains have purely authoritative links pointing at them and for this reason don’t need thousands of spammy links to achieve great metrics on MOZ.

All sites have been checked for on-page quality using old archives of the original website, the backlink profile is mostly made up of url address and brand anchor texts or similarly less spammy anchors that would not cause a penalty. And last but not lease the inbound links will mostly come from domains with authority of 50+ and from domains that google trusts and this translates into a strong domain that will purely pass on valuable link juice to your website.

What does my purchase include?

We purely provide the url for the domain which you can then register yourself with a registrar or your choice, the purchase price does NOT include the purchase cost of the domain nor the setup of a PBN

When and how will I receive my domain info after purchase?

We endevour to provide the domain url via the email provided via our form within 24hrs of receipt of payment, should you have any questions during this time please don’t hesitate to ask